The National Specialty is only a few months away. Visit the site often as we are putting updates up every day

NEW: Official Premium List is now up

Some info so far:

Thursday May 17 

Friday May 18 Saturday May 19 
Dogs may stay over night on site in secure building!

Set up show site

After noon




Junior handling

Conformation judging
(official & Unofficial classes)

Sunday May 20 Friday Evening - Seminar Education Saturday Evening
All must vacate building by noon

Seminar includes wine and light dinner
See details below

CSSA National dinner banquet ($40/person) Info coming soon!


Seminar education


Dr. Deborah Boyd DVM, MSc, CVA, CVSMT, CCRT Owen Sound Ontario
Reproduction specialist
See her Profile

More info and Payment
Cathie Kraemer

Grooming Space Reservations

$50- 8X8 space send to Cathie Kraemer

Download Word or PDF and send to Cathie


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** Note SundayMonday 
30 minutes away all breed club show for those looking for extra show points and also on the Sunday the DCSSA Specialty in Kitchener



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